MTS 3G Plus Network ‘Born For The Internet’ Ad Review

MTS Internet Baby2

MTS 3G Plus Network

MTS Internet Baby3

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TVC open up in a hospital labor room where a woman is being coaxed by the doctor to ‘push’ while the husband of the woman is shown with a tab making video and nurse watching anxiously the complete scenario. TVC proceeds on showing that baby arrive and give a jab with index finger to the doctor’s nose. TVC then shows that the baby rises from under the sheet shocking the staff and grabs the father’s MTS tablet and searches for ‘How to cut the umbilical cord’ and asks the scissors from the nurse by clicking its fingers and then cuts the cord. Seeing this doctor gets fainted and then film proceeds on showing that the baby takes a selfie with the nurse and posts it online there and then. Film then shows that baby falls off from the bed and much to the worry everyone else, the baby crawls to a laptop on the floor and logs into an MTS account. Film then shows that the baby makes several social networking accounts and then uses the mobile to navigate himself out of the ward and reach the reception. The shocked receptionist is viewing a video of the baby on YouTube as the protagonist makes his exit. The film signs off with the super: ‘Born for the internet. MTS 3GPlus Network.’

My Take on Advertisement
I have just one word for this spot and the agency behind this masterpiece, i.e., ‘Awesome’.  There is a need of such a compelling and entertaining advertising in today’s competitive market of telecom operators. The practicality of life is very well and beautifully portrayed by the agency as in today’s era kids are so much familiar with the technology and gadgets that they can very easily give competition to an adult. Segmentation is perfect with the fact that everywhere we can easily see data hungry consumer who also wants speed and this spot perfectly fulfills the need and thus target the speed for data hungry consumer. Tagline, ‘Born for the Internet’ is also apt with the theme of the spot. TVC is embedded with loads and loads of entertaining factor and thus easily grabs the attention of the viewers and make them stick to their couches till the end.

MTS Internet Baby

My Overall Rating for This Advertisement is 10/10.
ThinkalytiC Ad-o-Meter gives this Ad a Green Band.

  • karan

    Wow… smart add ideed

    • Mayank Gupta

      Second that karan.

  • Arin

    Disgusting Trashing the sentiments connecting to birth motherhood parenting etc. I change channels moment the the ad is on

    • Mayank Gupta

      Arin, It’s perception that vary from person to person..However, It’s a free country and everyone has their own views…

  • niharika

    i did not like the concept of the Ad at all. i find this ad spooky and nonsensical.hope we part some small fraction of the target audience.

  • Mayank Gupta

    It’s perception that vary from person to person..However, It’s a free country and everyone has their own views…

  • Cookie Foo

    Crappiest, most irritating TVC ever ever made… Boo! at the idiot who approved this and a bigger BOO! at the idiots who actually worked on this and got it approved… Criminal waste of money and time. The second the opening-screech comes on I change channels.