Lenovo Tablet ‘Featuring Ranbir Kapoor’ Ad Review

Lenovo A1000 Advertisement

Lenovo A1000 Tablet

Ogilvy & Mather

TVC opens up I a room where one person is holding a tablet on one side of split screen and on the other side is Ranbir holding Lenovo a Lenovo tablet. Faces of both the persons are hidden behind the tablets. Both tablets shows happy smiley icon on the screens. TVC moves on with Ranbir’s VO that says that everyone is happy buying  a tablet, adding on to which he says, people discovers issues later like lack of voice calling, poor battery, unclear picture or bad sound quality. Film moves on showing that the other tablet smiley icon changing from being happy to angry and later crying while Ranbir says all these things and hands over a tissue paper to him. Then Ranbir reveals himself from behind the Lenovo tablet and product features are explained through visuals and VO. TVC concludes with A1000’s price band and Lenovo’s tagline ‘For those who do’.

My Take on Advertisement
Concept used by Lenovo and O&M to bring out a product is not as competitive as product’s market is, however getting out of the way from normal tablet advertisements the work is simple, creative and innovative. Product features are the main USP and are very well addressed in the film through VO and visuals. Segmentation is done nicely casting Ranbir and thus targeting the youth. Film is relevant with the fact that the features are most desirable in any tablet. Branding is done perfectly and price band gives it a competitive edge over other tablets. Viewers will be amused to see this advertisement; however on a long run film doesn’t have anything to be recalled.

My Overall Rating for this Advertisement is 5.5/10.
Thinkalytic Ad-o-Meter gives this film an Orange band.