Bumchums apparel Ad Review



Casual Brand Bumchums (Rupa Knitwear)


Scarecrow Communications


Rupa Knitwear launched their casual apparel brand Bumchums with a nice TVC. TVC opens up with a beach scene where people are playing volleyball, chilling out and having fun. And a guy comes into the picture with a Tape recorder on his shoulder with a south Indian that reinforces the brand name Bumchum being played on it. Then TVC proceeds showing everyone dancing and having fun on the song dressed in T-shirts, shorts, Bermudas and lowers. At last TVC concluded with the guy moving out of the picture and then VO that says, “Bumchums- t-shirts, Bermudas and Loungers.


My Take on Advertisement

TVC started with a beach side scene that attracts at first glance. People mainly youth having fun on various activities wearing the product is an apt way to promote the product. The song used is also catchy; however today every second advertisement is trying to make use of out of the box music with some new catchy dance moves and no doubt this idea is working fine with much TVCs. Regarding segmentation, TVC targets the right consumers with its music videos and activities with which they are on to in TVC. Still, Viewers will get themselves much occupied in watching the dance moves rather than the products marketed. According to me, products should be given first priority in the TVCs which was not the case with this one as according to me media house was much interested in targeting the consumers compare to promoting the product.

Overall my rating for the advertisement will be 6/10.